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An Expert Witness with $20 Million Dollars in Settlements & Judgments

Professor Gregory Gilbertson (Ret.) is an expert witness in police practices. He specializes in use of force, false arrest, criminal defense and self-defense cases. He is a former SWAT team officer, senior patrolman, stakeout squad member, juvenile court investigator, and school resource officer. Greg has consulted on 179 civil rights and criminal cases in 35 states and the District of Columbia. He has testified in state and federal courts and helped attorneys secure 20 million dollars in settlements and judgements. He retired from teaching after 22 years as a tenured criminal justice professor and university lecturer. He remains current in police practices through his casework and association with the International Association of Chiefs of Police, the Police Executive Research Forum, and the Academy of Criminal Justice Science. In addition, Greg's background also includes five years of military service, eight years of police service, two years service as an International Police Advisor (Iraq and Afghanistan), 22 years as a private investigator specializing in criminal defense casework, and two years service as a Guardian ad Litem. He began his career as a U.S. Army infantry soldier. He then becasme a commissioned officer as a Distinguished Military Graduate of the U.S. Army Officer Candidate School. He holds a Master's degree in Justice Administration and a Bachelor's degree in History. In Alvarez v. King County,  U.S. District Court Judge Richard A. Jones opined on his expert qualifications:  “Mr. Gilbertson’s qualifications demonstrate extensive experience in policing. Mr. Gilbertson’s experience includes work as a police officer including assignments as a “SWAT” team officer, superior court investigator, school resource officer, stakeout squad officer, senior patrolman, and patrolman. Mr. Gilbertson went on to became a college professor where he taught courses on criminal justice, and a private investigator conducting pretrial investigations. The Court finds Mr. Gilbertson’s testimony can be expected to have a reliable basis in knowledge and experience.”             FULL BIOGRAPHY

Nenye E. Uche, Esq. Chicago

"In 2015, I took on one of the most publicized police shooting cases in Chicago:  The Estate of Alfontish Cockerham v. The City of Chicago.  The case involved a young man who was was shot and killed by a Chicago police officer while running away.  It was not the strongest case because  society typically gives police officers the benefit of the doubt in cases perceived to involve "a close call."  It was a close call because the incident was captured on video and showed my client dropping a gun while running from the officer.  The officer claimed my client pointed this gun at him just moments before he shot him. Based on this fact pattern, I needed an expert witness with integrity who could convey the same to a jury of twelve people. I found Professor Gilbertson through an attorney who was a former war crimes prosecutor at the international criminal court in The Hague, Netherlands. Apparently, Professor Gilbertson’s  reputation as a expert witness had also caught attention globally.



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James Bible, Attorney at Law, Seattle

"In February 2016 Che Taylor was shot and killed by two undercover Seattle police officers under suspicious circumstances. In December 2019 I asked Professor Gregory Gilbertson to assist me as my police practices and use of force expert in the Taylor case. Professor Gilbertson analyzed the Taylor shooting and issued a detailed report. In his report Professor Gilbertson exposed several substandard police practices and officer actions which were inconsistent with standardized police procedures. Professor Gilbertson's insights and analysis helped me secure a 1.5 million dollar settlement with the City of Seattle for the Taylor Family. Previously, in July 2018, I retained Professor Gilbertson regarding the case of Josiah Hunter v. The City of Federal Way. This was another excessive force case where Mr. Hunter had been placed in a dangerous choke-hold by a Federal Way police officer. Here again, Professor Gilbertson analyzed the facts of the case, issued a detailed report, and testified in U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington as my use of force expert.  At trial the jury agreed with Professor Gilbertson’s testimony that the officer used excessive force and awarded Mr. Hunter $640,000.00 in damages. I wish to thank Professor Gilbertson for his work on both cases. His insights, analysis, reports, and trial testimony are always persuasive. I look forward to working with him again on future cases." James Bible, Attorney at Law, Seattle, WA / James Bible Law Group - 14205 SE 36th Street, Suite 100 Bellevue WA 98006 / Phone: (425) 748-4585 or (206) 354-8109 / Email: - Web Site:


“Professor Gilbertson has twice served as my expert in search and seizure and false arrest cases. His analysis and opinions are always spot on. I was impressed with his willingness to process a considerable amount of information. Methodical and thorough, he took the time to interview each client and determine the veracity of the information they provided. His work ethic is extraordinary, and his credentials are unassailable. I highly recommend him to other attorneys.” Darryl Parker, Attorney at Law, Seattle, WA


“Professor Gilbertson brought a high level of professionalism and competence to bear as an expert witness in a murder trial. Once the prosecutor made demands for an expert opinion, he responded quickly and his conclusion were dis-positive. The  judge mentioned the credibility of his report in hearings. We considered Professor Gilbertson's contribution to be highly effective in securing a dismissal with prejudice for our client.” Dr. Stephen Pidgeon, Ph.D., Attorney at Law, Everett, WA


“I have been a personal injury lawyer for over 30 years. I have worked with many experts including Professor Gilbertson. He was our expert for an excessive force case in the U.S. District Court. He provided valuable input on the police on this matter, and on our cross examination of the respondent’s expert. He engaged with the jury and his testimony was solid. I recommend Professor Gilbertson as an expert witness in any case involving police misconduct.”   Patrick Trudell, Attorney at Law, Kirkland, WA



"Professor Gilbertson was an expert in a criminal trial where self-defense was the primary issue. He was accessible, prompt, and thorough. He explained “use of force” and “self-defense” in a manner the jury easily understood. His testimony was an integral factor in achieving a not guilty verdict for our client at trial.” Michael Blanchard, Attorney at Law, New London, CT



Gregory Gilbertson is not an attorney and cannot offer individuals legal advice. Further, he does not provide attorney referrals to individuals seeking a lawyer. However, Greg does provide expert analysis and opinions to attorneys representing clients who have been injured by police use of force, false arrest, officer misconduct, deficient investigations, and in self-defense cases. If your client has been injured by police misconduct or negligence, call Greg at (239) 571-1840, (239) 529-2137. or email him at:

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"Professor Gilbertson will help you win your case. His knowledge is extensive, his credentials are excellent, his analysis is first rate, and, perhaps most importantly, he is an outstanding communicator. You will better understand your case after reviewing it with Professor Gilbertson. While he catches the complex nuances of a case, he can also distill a case into plain, compelling terms. Your jurors will understand him and like him. So will you. Because of his balanced background and solid analysis, Professor Gilbertson has the respect of opposing counsel. His reports are unimpeachable and his presentation in depositions is unflappable. Your case becomes stronger when he part of your team." Mark Lindquist, Former District Attorney and Civil Rights Lawyer, Tacoma, WA /